Newark High School Class of 1965

Missing Classmates

We are pleased with the number of classmates who are in contact, but want to reach others. So, if you know of any missing classmates, please let our class contacts know, at  Our list of classmates for whom we don't have information follows...  [The list shrinks -- two more found in November 2015!]

Bellotti, Palmira Neave, Harry
Campbell, Jennifer (Booker) Noce, Linda (Mendenhall)
Cole, Andrea (Hernandez) Perkins, Kathy (Lafferty)
Davis, Richard Quinn, Dennis
Ferguson, William Reeser, Pamela (Thomas)
Fooks, Sharon Reyburn, Don
Gibson, Elaine (Rambo) Schweers, Carol
Gifford, Doris Scott, Dave
Givens, Mike Smith, Randy
Hoffman, Marvin Strand, John
Kichline, Carol Taylor, Bill
Lanzetta, Joan (Donovan) Todd, David
Long, Gayle (Collier) Trimble, Roger
Mayle, Manley Wallace, Bill
McCarthy, Paul Warnick, Jacquelyn (Friend)
Mendenhall, Dick Welch, Ellen (Jordan)
Miller, Marie Wilber, Charles
Moore, George Winterringer, Sandy (Grubbs)
Murray, Lynn (Reynolds) – have email Wright, Greg
Neal, John

(updated 21-November-2015)