Newark High School Class of 1965

Classmates -- News

This page will hopefully fill with news that classmates want to share.  Also, check out our Photo Gallery... and do send some!

These pages exhibit news and photos that you would like the world to see.

And where are we all now?  See where 233 of us live, in our Where Are We? page.

Also, if you know of any missing classmates, or some who have passed away, please let us know.

To contact us for any of these items, check our Contacts page.

The official Newark High School website has an On-line Alumni Directory.  A few classmates have registered themselves.  Check it out and consider signing up -- it lets people send you e-mails without disclosing yours to the sender.

Finally, we have too many classmates who have passed away.  Many of us have memories of our times with them, and we honor their times with us.


(updated 18-Oct-2022)